Does Virago Camp have bathrooms? 

Yes, we offer 3 Sanicans with hand sanitizer. The bathrooms are serviced every Monday. We do our best to keep the toilet paper stocked but check to make sure you’ve got what you need. 

Does Virago Camp have showers? 

No. However, there are pay showers across the river at Bogachiel State Park (accessed by the bridge Hwy 101). 

Does Virago Camp allow cars at campsites? 

No. For the safety of all campers, vehicles must remain parked in the main parking lot off Smith Road or in the overflow parking area on Hwy 101. 


Is Virago Camp tent-only? 

Yes. Each site is walk-in only. The walk from the parking area to any of our sites is 1-3 minutes. We provide carts to help haul gear. 

What can I expect to find at each campsite? 

Each campsite has a picnic table, fire pit, and area for a tent. The Forest Sites, Hilltop Sites, and some Meadow Sites have compacted gravel tent pads. Virago Camp is located in the rainforest. It is important to provide drainage for rain. Be sure to bring a good sleeping pad. 


Does Virago Camp take RVs or have full hook-ups? 

No. Virago Camp is tent only. However, RW Services RV Park located next door offers self-contained, dry camping RV parking and a limited number of full hook-ups. To check availability call 360.640.0536 or visit HipCamp and search for RW Services. 


How far is the walk to the campsites? 

From the parking area, each site can be reached in 1-3 minutes. There is a small grass slope from the parking area to the campsites. Please watch your step. 


How is the traffic noise from the campsites? 

Similar to the Bogachiel State Park, Virago Camp is located off Hwy 101. There is road noise and the log trucks get started early on the weekdays. That said, we’ve found that some campers barely notice the noise while others find it bothersome. Forest Sites 5, 6, and 7 are the farthest from the highway. 


What time are check-in and check-out? 

Check-in time is around 3pm and check-out time is around 11am. These times are guidelines. However, please be courteous to other campers.  


Which sites are better for larger tents? 

All of the sites will accommodate a 4-person tent. Any of the meadow sites will accommodate larger tents as will Forest Sites 5 and 6.

Are campfires allowed? 

Yes. Every site has a firepit. 


Is firewood available? 

Yes. RW Services, located next door, offers firewood and kindling bundles for $5 each. They take cash or Venmo. 


Do the firepits have grills for cooking? 

At this point, there is a mix of fire pits with grills for pots and pans and fire pits without cooking grills. 


Are pets allowed? 

Yes. We allow dogs and at this point, they can be off-leash. We ask every camper to watch their animals closely and not to bring any dog that might be aggressive. Any incidents that happen are the responsibility of the dog owner.  A waste station with poo bags is provided. Take a few, if needed, and pick up after your pet every time, everywhere. 

Are there wild animals at Virago Camp? 

The Olympic Peninsula is home to many animal residents including bears, cougars, coyotes, deer, elk, and more. While it would be rare to see any of these animals at Virago Camp it is always a possibility. Store food safely and keep an eye on your pets. 

Are there bugs at Virago Camp? 

Yes. There are mosquitos, gnats, and flies. The insects are not terrible but bring bug spray. 

Can I hang a hammock? 

Yes. However, be careful where you hang your hammock. Check the trees and make sure you’re tying up to living, sturdy trees. 


Are there garbage and recycling services on site? 

Yes and no. We have a dumpster onsite for trash. However, the area does not offer recycling services. If you would like to recycle please pack it out. 


Is there fresh/potable(drinkable) water available on site? 

No. You must bring your own drinking water. 


Can I drink the river water?

Only if you treat it first. Untreated river water can cause illness. 

Can I swim in the Bogachiel River?

Yes. There is a well-known public swimming hole under the Hwy 101 bridge located on the east side of Virago Camp. There is no lifeguard and swimming in a river can be dangerous (underwater branches, trees, rocks, etc.) Do not swim alone. Swim at your own risk.

Can I park my travel trailer in the parking lot? 

We ask that any oversized vehicles or trailers park in overflow parking on Hwy 101. 

Does it always rain in Forks? 

Good question. No. In the summer Forks can enjoy long streaks of sun and dry weather. However, the area around Virago Camp is a rainforest. It is damp much of the year. We have found the best/most accurate weather app is WeatherUnderground.


We forgot (fill in the blank). Are there services nearby? 

Yes. The town of Forks, Washington is 5 miles north of Virago Camp. All services can be found there including a hospital, service stations, grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy, and amazing Taco Pizza from Pacific Pizza (trust us, it is delicious!) 


Are there any wheelchair accessible sites at Virago Camp?

Not yet. Our hope is to provide several accessible sites next season. 


Is smoking allowed at Virago Camp?

Tobacco products of any kind are not allowed on site. 


Does Virago Camp offer any type of discount? 

Our Hilltop sites are only $25 per night. They are located very close to Hwy 101 and the road noise will be very noticeable. 


Can I rent the entire campground for a weekend/week? 

Yes. The rate is $700/night or $4500/week (7 days). Please contact Janice to make arrangements at janice@viragoretreatcenter.com.