We really don't love rules.
AND...rules help keep everyone safe and having a great time. 
The basic idea:
Treat Virago Camp like your own home and other campers like your friends. 

Specific rules:

No fireworks.

Cars must remain parked in designated parking areas.

Off-leash dogs allowed but no aggressive animals, please.  You are responsible for any incidents.

No amplified music that can be heard beyond your campsite.

No amplified music or loud parties past 10pm.

Use common sense around fire, water, and trails - this is a rustic area.  Stay aware, stay safe.

No tobacco products allowed.

A waste station with poo bags is provided.  Pick up after your pet every time, everywhere.

Please pack out your trash or use the dumpster provided. 

Please make sure your campfire is completely out/extinguished before leaving.


Bottom line: Use the common sense your mama gave you and have a great time!